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Heat Shrink Tubing
Polyolefin Tubing


Mountain States Electronics offers an assortment of in-stock sizes and colors of heat shrink in 4 foot (48") single sticks of thin wall and dual wall with adhesive.


Heat Shrink Tubing, or polyolefin tubing, is a versatile, easy to use and effective way to insulate, identify, repair and protect exposed wires and cables.  Heat shrink tubing is used extensively in industrial and military applications to protect against an array of environmental conditions, UV light, oxidation, corrosion, chemicals, abrasions and is flame retardent (Thin & Dual wall).  The medium and thick wall series are ideally suited for underground and direct burial.  A simple lighter is conducive for general purposes yet for larger jobs, using a heat gun is recommended.  


Heat Shrink Tubing Features
  Ratio Colors Continuous Operating Temperature Shrink Temperature
Thin Wall Cross-Linked 2:1 Assorted - 55 to 135 deg C > 90 deg C
Dual Wall Cross-Linked 3:1 Assorted - 55 to 85 deg C > 110 deg C
Medium Wall Cross-Linked 3:1 Black Only - 40 to 120 deg C > 110 deg C
Thick Wall Cross-Linked 3:1 Black Only - 40 to 120 deg C > 110 deg C

Available Assorted Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Clear

Available Premium Colors: Brown, Gray, Orange, Violet     (only available in Thin Wall 3/64" to 1" and in 48" sticks)              

We are able to order Heat Shrink Tubing in diameter sizes ranging from 3/64" up to 4.72" and in 25/50/100' spools, 48" Sticks, 6" sections and a variety of thin-wall assorted color packages.