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Opening 11-1-19 Come visit our new Antique Attic - Eclectic Electronic Parts from the 60's to today. Tubes to Transistors, IC's and more!

Try Us For Anything Electronic!

Semiconductors, Relays, Switches, Heat Shrink Tubing, AC/DC Adapters, Soldering Equipment, Tools, Power Supplies, Phono Needles/Stylus, and More

 Now Stocking Arduino UNO-R3 and MEGA Controllers with Arduino compatible Shields and Accessories and Raspberry Pi B+  b



Mountain States Electronics has been offering competitive pricing, friendly customer service and serving the electronics community since 1974.  We handle over 50 product lines including, NTE, Xytronic, Xcelite, Eclipse, Molex, MG Chemicals, Philmore and many more.  If you do not see what you are looking for, let us know and we will try to find it for you.  In most cases, orders placed before 2:00PM (MST) will be shipped that day.  


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Looking for phono needles or a stylus?  Click here to see what we have available



Your best source for NTE Products!


Click Here to cross reference any manufacurer part number to a NTE Part Number.

From this one search tool you can now find replacements for over 470,000 industry devices including semiconductors, relays, potentiometers/trimmers, switches and more.


For a free parts search of our in-store inventory, simply contact us vis e-mail, fax, or toll-free telephone.


How to Order:  Contact Us to place an order or answer any questions.  This site has many products available through e-commerce shopping cart.


Need Tools?                                        We got 'em!

We carry a wide array of tool product lines. Whether you are searching for individual screwdrivers or sets, cutters/pliers, switches, crimpers, strippers, soldering equipment, testers, tool kits, connectors, etc we have it!      Just contact us! 

The top brands we carry are Platinum Tools, Weller, Xcelite, Pro's Kit, Xytronic, LKG/Philmore and other quality brands.  

Visit our Tool page to find what you are looking for, if you do not see it there, contact us and we will attempt to find it on our end.